Orthodontic treatments provide an improved bite and pronounced physical changes of flatter teeth! Untreated orthodontic problems can lead to chewing and digestive problems, speech disorders, and abnormal wear on the tooth surfaces. Over time, it can cause problems such as headaches or facial and neck pain by affecting excessive tension in the gum tissue and bone-jaw joints that support the teeth.


Fixing teeth disorders

Restores Smile Appearance

Just One Visit Per Month


  • Beginning of the operations

    Oral Consultation and Treatment Planning

    During the first consultation, the dentist will access various dental examinations to formulate treatment plans that fit the patient's needs. At this stage, X-Ray will be taken.

  • Model

    Study models are the gypsum analog of the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues.

  • Connecting

    It is the procedure of placing the orthodontic brackets on the teeth and the process of making ligature.

  • Solution

    The process of resolving the existing braces that patients wear after the end of treatments

  • End of the operations

    Hygiene Care

    After the completion of the implant treatment, the patient should maintain regular and thorough oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure optimum oral health outcomes