For vivacious and healthy smiles

Our clinic has been serving as the Gül Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic since 2005 in the same location. With its nearly 15 years of experience and expert staff, we present our knowledge, experience, technology and relevance to improve the quality of life of our patients who consult the Gül Oral and Dental Health Clinic, it is our tradition and what makes us different. It is a requirement of our mission to increase this difference even more.

Our perspective on your health with hygiene and technology

Although hygiene is always at the forefront in Gül Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, hygiene checks are carried out periodically and it aims to keep the satisfaction of our patients at the highest level. This is where we are sensitive. In addition to the importance of the comfort and hygienic environment of our patients, it has always been among our goals to offer our patients the advantage of being one step ahead in solving the problems by following the technology as the factor that enhances the service quality.