Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is to remove pulps and abscesses that cause inflammation or infection in the tooth root. Root canal treatment is usually a simple procedure to relieve toothache and save your teeth. Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. During root canal treatment, an endodontist specializing in this type of treatment carefully cleans the pulp in the tooth, cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canals and inserts a filling to fill the space.

Saves the natural tooth

Little or no pain

Longer tooth life

Root Canal Treatment

  • Beginning of the operations

    Oral Consultation and Treatment Planning

    During the initial consultation, the dentist will perform various dental examinations to formulate treatment plans that fit the patient's needs.

  • Local Anesthesia

    The dentist will perform local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth area. This helps in reducing irritating pain during root canal treatments.

  • Root Canal Cleaning

    The dentist uses small files to clean the damaged and diseased pulp from inside the tooth. They will also use the files to shape the inner chamber of the tooth and root, and also can wash the chamber with water to remove the remaining pulp.

  • Filling or Dental Crowns

    After the cavity is thoroughly cleaned and dried, the dentist will fill it with a rubber-like material called the gutta percha. Waiting for recovery, the cavity will be closed with a temporary filling.If no other inflammation is found, follow-up treatment is not required. If there is a large amount of substance loss in the tooth, dental crown is an ideal treatment instead of filling.

  • End of the operations

    Hygiene Care

    Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure optimum oral health outcomes.